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Former professional football player turn author, speaker and now Marriage & Family Therapist Intern With over 10 years of highly skilled and acclaimed mentoring and success stories, public speaking and most important, real-life in the trenches business experience, Jay Barnett's views are radically different. Jay appreciates and shares with his mentees that leadership is a moment-to-moment choice and not about titles and positions. 


The author of the best-selling, Finding Our Lost King and Queens: Strategies for Empowering Our Futures Kings and Queens. Best-Selling Author of Letters to a Young Queen: Redefining Their Throne, Barnett’s poignant letters to young Queens have been shared with young girls around the world, creating conversations of healing, self-love, self-worth, confidence and personal victories. Also, Hello King a book for young men guiding them to claim their throne. And now Jay is on board to release his highly anticipated new book, Identity Crisis: A discussion around social media impact on personal identity.


Jay has created a personal and social development program called K.I.N.G. Program for incoming freshman males at Texas Southern University. 

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My Books

Letters to a Young Queen

Finding Our Lost

Hello King

My Books
Jay Barnett speaks at Grapevine High School
Chase Pool

Jay Barnett speaks at Grapevine High School

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